Lowest Price Web Design

Why Would You Pay More For A Web Site?

It is vitally important that your business has a professional web presence. But that doesn't mean it has to break your budget! With over 20 years of web design experience and over 30 years of small business advertising & marketing success, I will shatter your expectations and deliver the quality you deserve - for a fraction of the price... Guaranteed!!


I get asked a lot..."how can you build a web site for so little?" There are several reasons - First - it is not my main income source. I do it because I like to. Second - I hate to see fellow business owners waste their hard earned money on something that isn't that complicated. Third - when we make your business more successful, you'll hire more employees, giving someone else the chance to get ahead in their own life.

Personally - I'm a car guy and a golfer for those few months the weather permits up here! I'm constantly learning new web techniques and the latest local business marketing tools. I'm also invested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

My Web Philosphy

In today's 'Gotta have it now' world, every second counts in terms of your web site load speed. That is why I prefer building in Bootstrap. And why I also prefer building as a single page with scrolling instead of separate pages. Every click to load another page takes vital time...time your customer may not have. On the web - Speed doesn't kill - lag time does. 

Regarding SEO - If you're a local business serving a multi-county area, there is no reason for you to waste money on SEO. You don't have enough large competitors for that. First page placement on Google can be achieved relatively easily for your relevent keywords. I will set your site up for success right from the start. I also have a few other tricks to help ensure you get found online that will increase your exposure and sales.

Great photos make a difference. If your product lends itself to visual marketing, make sure to get some quality pics. This is especially true for businesses that can show off before/after photos, such as landscapers or home contractors and auto body shops to cosmetic dentists. Remember to take the pics...even if it's on your phone. The quality of smart phone cameras today is really good. 

How long will it take to make your new site? I typically say 1 week from the time I get the materials needed - photos, text, etc. In a hurry?
I can build your site in 24 hours or less if you have everything in order and there aren't a lot of other projects on my plate. Others can take up to 6 months to build a site, if you can believe that! Time is money and I want to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


I encourage you to get multiple quotes - Locally or Nationally. What you'll find are prices that are 5x, 10x, even 20x higher than mine.


Perfect for Most Small Businesses
$ 395
You'll everything you need to get found online with a modern, high performance site.
  • 5 Sections
  • Photo Gallery/Slider
  • Click to Call/Email/Directions


Do You Need More Content?
$ 475
For those who may want to introduce staff, add testimonials or other important information.
  • 7 Sections/Pages
  • Photo Gallery/Slider/Video
  • Click to Call/Email/Directions


Sell Your Products Online
$ 675
Get your start at being the next Amazon at a very affordable price! PayPal integration.
  • 5 Sections/Pages
  • Up To 10 Products
  • Click to Call/Email/Directions


Do You Change Content Often?
$ 695
If you are comfortable working with WordPress and want control over your site in-house.
  • Up to 7 Sections/Pages
  • Inlcudes LayersPro 2
  • Click to Call/Email/Directions

The above prices are for building your site only. They do not include your domain or hosting. If you already have a domain and a current site, I will simply upload the new site to that server at no additional charge. If you need to register a domain and get hosting, please contact me as I get tremendous deals on both and I DO NOT add any fees to those costs saving you even more money!!

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is one of the most reliable and proven frameworks. It's fast and lightweight, which makes it ideal for todays mobile customer.


Bootstrap is responsive, which means your site is going to look great whether your customer is viewing on their desktop, laptop, tablet or phone!


Beautiful typography combined with stunning photo galleries and sliders will make your products really shine! Click to call & email plus map & directions too!

Why Wait?

Potential customers will abandon an outdated, slow or non-functioning site. If you've been putting off bringing your site to current standards... Now is the time!